Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding Shower

When I found out that Marti's wedding colors were PURPLE, red and green I knew I was going to have fun planning this shower.  My MIL, Jody, and I went to work.  It was SUCH a fun day!

The M&J banner is under the glass table top

The "Chandelier" was borrowed from a friend.  It consists of lanterns and tissue pompoms in the perfect color! :)

Now serving, Nana's Pink Punch 
3 small packs of strawberry jello
4 cups of sugar
13 cups of water
46 oz of pineapple juice
15oz of real lemon
1 oz. almond extract
2 qts of ginger ale or sprite

straws & gumballs:

veggies in dip: so pretty 

nuts and bolts

cupcakes with liners and toppers from the Silhouette machine 


happy everything plate with M&J in vinyl on the attachment

a platter that always sits in my kitchen gets a shower face lift with some vinyl
(Marti got some of her everyday dishes as a gift and we transferred the letters to her plates for fun after the shower)  Also all of my frames in the kitchen were changed to M&J photos!  LOVE this photo of them :)

M in the green paper made on the silhouette and stuck to the chair

Marti Banner
Also notice the heart on the M chair.  D & B wanted to help decorate.  D made her some hearts colored red, green and purple.  B made a card with hearts that is sitting on the ottoman.  SO sweet.

Digital picture frame with photos of M&J rotating.
Party Favors: M&J Mint 2 B tins
with mints inside of course.
The sign reads:
Before you go
please take a tin
and say a prayer for
every time you dig in!

Beautiful flowers arranged by the fabulous MIL purchased at Sam's!

Me, Marti & Jody (MIL)

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