Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lego Organization

For Christmas the boys got a lot of Legos to add to the massive collection.
I'm NOT complaining AT ALL.
Just stating facts.
So this CDO mama had to do something about it.
So we went to work.
First stop Target for their after Christmas sale on organizational items.
We got two wide drawer sets, one three drawer skinny set, two five drawer sets.
Then we went to Home Depot and purchased a 15"x96" white melamine board.
I had them cut it to 82" which is what we needed to fit the top of the drawer sets described above.  Then we went to work organizing.
We put the "together sets" in plastic bags with the instructions.
The instruction books (that didn't have the pieces all together) in a drawer (or 3).
Then the extra pieces were sorted by color.
If my CDO mother was doing it she would sort by piece type NOT color.
But that would require more drawers than I could fit in my house so we went with this method.  LOVE YOU, MOM!

Then I used my Cameo and the Lego Thick font to label the drawers.

The rest of the playroom:

(I do NOT still have my tree up, I'm just now getting around to posting.)

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