Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Closet and Hangers

I saw on Pinterest to turn your hangers backwards at the beginning of the year.
If at the end of the year you still have items turned backwards it's time for those to
MOVE ON to a better home.  LOVE this idea.  So I did!

Here is another tip.  To keep those items from slipping off of your hanger, put a rubber band on each end.  Walla!  They won't fall off any more!

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Jazmine said...

What an awesome idea!! I'm going to steal some rubberbands from work and this to all my hangers. Thanks for sharing :) Visiting from Delightful Order!

Renonda said...

For some reason this was something I have not yet seen on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing.

Renonda @ Snickety Things

Dawn Gilstrap said...

I've seen the "turn your hangers around" thing before and I'm so glad you are doing it. I'll take all your purple stuff when you realize you don't wear it ;)