Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LI Towel Project

It's the tenth anniversary of my parents cabin at the lake.
We call it the Logumall Inn.
We have a new "logo".
Every one that stays has to bring their own bath towel so this year my parents blessed the fourth of July guests with bath towels Silhouetted with their name inside the logo.  It was a fun project.
I did 40 total towels and got lots of looks when I was purchasing them at target.
THEN I made the HUGE MISTAKE of cutting ALL 40 of the images out on my silhouette WITHOUT reversing the image.  SO I got to cut them out again.  The CORRECT way this time (you have to reverse the image so you can iron it on)

I used the white fuzzy heat transfer vinyl.  The blue towel after a wash left the white blue because of the fuzziness.  But it's still good!

 headed to the lake with all of the towels
 Couldn't JUST give them a towel.  We had to arrange them on the bed all cute!

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ck said...

I love this! (and, very glad to know that I am not the only one who forgets to reverse things that are ironed on!) :-)