Monday, November 28, 2011

George the Elf

George showed up at our house a few days before Thanksgiving.
(Since we were going out of town for Thanksgiving)
He usually brings gifts but this year his gits were AWESOME!
So was his entrance.
He went around the house taking pictures of himself in differents places.
THEN he put them on the digital picture frame in the living room.
SMART elf!!!

Here are some of the pictures he took:

They were SO excited he was back!!!! (I don't know why he's not wearing a shirt)

George brought Prep & Landing Elf hats and lights

Then we HAD to watch Prep & Landing
If you haven't seen it you MUST!!!
It's also FINALLY available on DVD.
We've had it saved on our DVR the last two years as we LOVE it!

Some other places George has been:
After Thanksgiving he was in the candy dish.
guess he likes Indian Corn

He also had some Nerf gun fun

see the bullets all over the floor

Then he REALLY became a part of the family.
He added his name to the mantle!

more to come:

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