Monday, June 6, 2011

Claveries Visit

Paul, Alysa and Presley came in for a quick visit from Colorado.  We found out on Wednesday that they were coming Saturday morning.  Since Alysa was 37 weeks pregnant (she was given clearance to fly with Paul) we got together a QUICK shower for them.  There were all kinds of "boy themed snacks"
Balls - gumballs
pee pee tee pees - bugles
ding dongs - cupcakes

Mom made a few onesies for baby Crew!

 Then we went to Pops
Rylee, Presley, Beckam, Dade & Madison
 It was stormy and grass fires did abound
 and the 30 degree drop in temperature was worth taking a picture of!
 The Claverie family flew home on Sunday!
It was SO fun to see them.