Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I HEART My Lawnmower!

For my birthday this year I got a Lowe's gift card.
Our 13 year old push lawn mower had just about had it.
So we went looking for a mower.  Well, we found this
Fiskar's version and fell in love.

No gas, No electricity, just a push is all you need.
(the old mower was NOT self propelled so to me it's easier than the gas mower)
Both sets of parents told us we were CRAZY.
Since they remember actually using one like this when that was the only option.

Now I've waited this long to post about it as I kept waiting for the "fun" to wear off.
It hasn't yet and it's been 3 months (with a good 2 months of mowing).
My FAVORITE part is that I can mow while the boys are playing.
EVEN in the front yard.
and still hear every thing that is happening.
The other cool part is that all the neighbors like to try it out so I only have to mow every other time :)

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