Friday, March 25, 2011


This was D's FAVORITE long sleeve shirt!
He got it for his birthday and wore it at LEAST 2 times a week.
I can't believe these are the only two pictures I could find (B took the one on the right)
The PROBLEM:  He's too tall for the shirt.  Looks like a crop top three quarter length sleeve, NOT RIGHT for a boy shirt!  He's NOT ready to give it up and I wasn't ready to let him look like that.
SO we went to Hobby Lobby purchased a $3 short sleeve shirt (summer is just around the corner and if he needs long sleeves he can stick a long sleeve under the short sleeve.)

 Then I got out my pinking sheers
and started cutting
 then I trimmed it closer
 placed it on the HL shirt
and pinned
 then I started sewing with a brownish greenish thread between the design and the cut edge
 it's finished
NOW he can wear his FAVORITE shirt and we're BOTH happy!
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Rebecca said...

Genius! My son has a favorite shirt that doesn't fit and he doesn't want to let it go either. I'm going to see if this will work for him. :)

~Iffy~ said...

This is great! Kids outgrow their clothes so fast, and some you(& they) wish they could wear just a little longer. Your little man sure is getting the full use out of his "favorite" shirt. Great job!

Twins Squared said...

Great minds think alike! I did this too. Check it out.

Cook Clean Craft said...

That is such a great idea! Love the resized shirt.

Jo (@ boogaloo) said...

GREAT shirt! And a super smart idea for making those fave clothes go that much further. Gets me thinking....
Thanks for sharing!

becced said...

Clever solution!

phasejumper said...

Great idea! My oldest has yet to become attached to any one shirt, but now I know what to do if he does!