Sunday, March 6, 2011

St. Patick's Table "scape"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

I don't usually do THIS much for St. Patrick's day for 2 reasons. . .
1. it's usually TOO close to Easter
2. St. Partick's day is SO close to MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!

I do have LOTS of birthday decorations
(more than the average Joe, I'm sure.
Birthday Decor Blog Post coming soon!)
but don't have any specific placemats.  So instead of spending $5 each on some adorable placemats I went to Target and bought a $5 green tablecloth and used my scissors to create a "masterpiece".
Here's HOW:
folded in twice (pictured above) then three times (pictured below)

THEN I cut out two almost hearts out of the Sunday paper and layered them on the folded cloth
(I should have cut four but didn't.)
I traced the four hearts with a sharpie
(make sure you trace on the felt side and not the vinyl side)
then drew a stem.

Then cut all 8 placemats at the same time.
I used my sewing scissors so it was like butter.

This is my boys' FAVORITE part of the process
(I did the same thing for my heart shaped placemats for Valentine's.)

I have a squareish kitchen table with a glass top.  SO I learned a few years ago to put my placemats UNDER the glass to save myself some cleaning time!  The placemats stay FRESH AND CLEAN and the table wipes easily with glass cleaner!

(The GREEN print in the right easle on the table is a giveaway on my blog.  Go HERE for info!)
the BIG square print is my personal purple version! :0)

I thought it looked great but needed a little "lucky" somewhere.  It was TOO much trouble to get it under the glass in the middle of the table (where I knew it should go).
So I cut it out of my scraps and replaced one of my shamrocks.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Leslie said...

You are so darn clever! Love it!