Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm showing you a Silhouette project I made for a dear friend
who is a HUGE Oklahoma State fan!
Maybe the BIGGEST OSU fan I know (I don't know Boone Pickens, nor do I care too.) Anyway onto the project. . . It was VERY tough for this
Sooner fan to work on this project.
(Hints the title of my blog post)
But I think it turned out well in spite of the colors.
Orange is my least favorite color and it has NOTHING to do with ANY school.

This was my second attempt at an image I already had in .jpg file and "traced to cut".
For those of you new to Silhouette like me I've found that if you leave the image you've traced it creates a box cut around the image you may not want.  Delete the image (the cut marks should still be there) and you don't get the box.
I cut it on vinyl and then attached it to the orange plate from Hobby Lobby.
AND the orange vase (also from Hobby Lobby) I added a simple OSU and filled it with white beans and a cute orange flower.  (yes, I used both of those words together, cute and orange)

Thanks for stopping by and BOOMER SOONER :)

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