Saturday, May 7, 2011

CSA Dinner

I'm a member of a CSA
(Community Supported Agriculture)
click here for more CSA info

We get to go to the Farmer's Market once a week and get our basket of LOCAL ORGANICALLY grown veggies!
SO yummy!

I usually just "make" several dinner using my veggies but THIS night we decided to just eat the raw veggies!
(raw except for the Kale and Onions, I sauteed them)
It was one of our FAVORITE meals!

Handsome Hubby cutting the BOYS favorite veggie, peppers!
(peppers are NOT from the CSA just had them on hand)

Everything but the peppers are from the CSA!
Sauteed Kale and Onions also from the CSA served in Ice Cream Cones, as everything is better in an ice cream cone :)

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Deneen said...

I am part of a CSA also! Mine will start soon I can't wait! I got some strawberries so far but my share hasn't come in yet. Ours is Certified Organic too!