Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kite with Silhouette Autographs

D has been in the WONDERFUL "Kites Program" at school this year.
It's the "Transitional Kindergarten" program.
I found these kites in the Earthglow gift shop last year.
They're made by Round Top and are metal.
I wanted the kids' autographs but didn't trust them to write them ON the kites.
So I had them write their names on paper then scanned them into my computer and cut them out on my Silhouette machine! :)
The kites before:
The names after the Silhouette cut them out for me and I removed the negative:
The almost finished product: 
(The big one is for my D's end of the year gift and has ALL Kites' names, the purple one was for his teacher and has the autographs of the kids in her class)
HAVE to have some bows:

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