Monday, May 30, 2011

Turks and Caicos Tips and Tricks

HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this trip.
The food was INCREDIBLE the service was AMAZING and the people were SO friendly!

There were 9 of us (10 months to 60+ years) there for 8 days and no one left the resort!  My brother did do a little scuba diving but that was included in the all inclusive!

So much to do for a WIDE variety of ages.

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We booked our trip in November for May via
and got 65% off

I'd stay in the French village again.  It was quiet and the pool always felt like it was just ours.  The Italian village pool was crowded the entire time.  We did swim in it once.  The Caribbean village pool we didn't make it to so I don't know if it was crowded or not.  That is where most of the wedding guests stayed it seemed.
The entire resort was completely booked.  Although it felt as if we had the resort to ourselves.  Never seemed crowded (except the Italian village pool which we just didn't visit often)!

Our flights were via
when I booked those the travel time was only 4.5 hours.
they cancelled a flight and we ended up taking 11 travel hours.

What would I do differently?
Book the aa direct flight from Dallas to Providenciales and visa versa.
My understanding is it only flies on Saturday.

It took us 27 hours to get home as we missed our connection to Dallas from Miami.
The airport is AWFUL!  The ONLY nice thing I can say is the lady who helped us book our flight since we missed one was AMAZING.  EVERY one else was RUDE!!!

I'm attaching some files for your viewing pleasure:

Map of resort

Dining Choices (we tried most of them and loved all we tried.  Pretty much didn't eat at the adult only restaurants)

excursions (I couldn't ever find this info on their website so here it is for you)

Departure info: also where you can see who flies out of Providenciales and when

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