Saturday, February 19, 2011

Black Cherry Waffles

So here is the "recipe" for Black Cherry Waffles!
If you want to try them do this. . .

Go to Williams Sonoma or order this online:

Now it will say on Williams-Sonoma that this is an EXCLUSIVE!

BUT if you're an Amazon fan like ME, you'll also find it there with a little different packaging SAME THING! 

You have to REALLY like it or be willing to share with a friend as you'll get 3 canisters!
MAKE SURE you do Subscribe & Save
AMAZON's Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle Mix

If you're not already a member of the Amazon Mom Club do that FIRST.
Why?  It's FREE to sign up.  You get Amazon Prime for FREE 2 day shipping on anything eligible (and overnight shipping upgrade for just $3.99)
And if you have ANY kids in diapers you'll save 40%!  Crazy huh!

OK so AFTER You sign up for the mom club subscribe and save to the Waffle Mix and then find a local suplier for
Black Cherry Zevia

(I purchased it at our local Akins before I discovered I LOVED it enough to
Subscribe and Save on Amazon

Again you have to REALLY like it as you'll get a 24 pack.

Subscribe & Save Tip: check that you want it every 6 months.  Then if you get it and decide you don't like it you have that long to cancel before they send you another shipment.  If you need another shipment BEFORE the 6 months is up, just log into your account and order it right then!  Easy as PIE and you SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!!

SO once you have at least ONE can of Waffle Mix and ONE can of Black Cherry Zevia
Here is the recipe!

If you're using the Williams Sonoma conatiner you do NOT need to double the recipe

If you're using the Amazon container you WILL need to double the recipe.

Follow the recipe EXCEPT for the water. 

Instead of the water add 1 can of Zevia.

I added a little red food coloring too as the Zevia has no color.
That's IT!  So easy yet SO yummy!
You can substitute ANY carbinated soda of your choice.
At the lake we use cabonated water from the soda fountain.

waffle mix + zevia = YUMMY

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Jenni said...

Thanks so much, Wendi!! I'm most excited about the saving 40% on diapers!!! I have never heard of that. Going to sign up now!