Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Ate A Rainbow

So I saw this THING in Family Fun or Parents Magazine about eating a rainbow.
It was a magnet this that would cost $25 per child  (plus shipping, handling and international fees from Canada.)
I knew I could do something similar and cheaper.

My boys are pretty good veggie and fruit (VF) eaters but ALWAYS want dessert.
So we've started ONLY having dessert if you've eaten EVERY color of the rainbow that day.  It HAS to be veggies or fruit.  Green cookies don't count! :)
I started out printing some cards that were colored with the intention of "x"ing off when they ate that particular color of VF.  It wasn't easy for the 3 year old to do and a waste of paper.
When we had some SNOWY days and were stuck inside we decided to do a little
MODEL MAGIC (Crayola brand playdough type stuff).

We just happened to have some of every color we needed to we went to work ALL four of us, making VF and some bowls.  Here they are drying:

SO at the beginning of the day our bowls look like this.

As they eat the VF they get to add a VF to their bowl.  They LOVE blueberries and eat them almost EVERY morning in oatmeal or yogurt so it's usually the FIRST one i the bowl.  By lunch my oldest is asking for different colors of VF.  By dinner he's BEGGING for anything that is the color he needs.  He had red left tonight and asked for watermelon.  Wrong season but he's thinking!  WE LOVE THIS!!!!
They both got dessert tonight because they ate ALL of the colors of VF today.
Purple/Blue - blueberries
Yellow - corn & popcorn
Green - peas & spinach
Orange - carrots
Red - tomatoes

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