Sunday, February 13, 2011

Class Coasters

Coasters for Class Valentine's

So I got an email from B's teacher reminding us of the Valentine's Party.  It's been 2 weeks since he's been to school thanks to snow and illness.  So we missed signing up for anything.  Every other "spot" on the list had been filled so off I went to the Dollar Tree to find
I found these handy neoprine type coasters (6 for $1, what a BARGAIN)
every one can use a coaster!
I already had these HANDY Fabric Markers by Crayola and grabbed the black one.
(you could use a sharpie but these don't bleed like a sharpie)

Just some lines around the edge.

Then some designs in the middle.

No two are the same literally :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Leslie said...

Not sure how to do this either. So glad I found this...made my day! Have a great Valentine's Day.