Thursday, February 3, 2011

Typography Brothers

This is a sign that I made that hangs in my boys playroom.
I saw it many years ago in a catalog in the PAST tense.
WHY would anyone want it in the PAST tense?
AND charge $65 for a 12"x3" sign!
CRAZY!  I love a budget project. 
I just created this in my Corel PaintShop program and then had it printed and mounted on matboard at for less than $20.
Did I mention it's 12"x24"?
It's hanging above the basketball goal with a picture of the brothers on each side.
It is hanging via my FAVORITE command strips!

I have entered this in a special give-away from

I'm new to this blogging world so I'm not sure how to add a "button" to my post.
Here is the page link too if you'd like to enter. . .

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CreationsbyJune said...

I love the sign and the saying! So sweet. As the mom of two boys who love and adore and despise each other, so fitting!